The 2017 Endangered Art Show

The 2017 Endangered Art Show

The first annual Endangered Art Show was a huge success. Thank you to all who submitted art pieces, bid on donated art, and viewed the pieces at the North Country Fair. 

 Check out the 2017 submissions HERE!


"Save the Saola" By Tania Fonseca


Thank you to this Year's Artists!

We received over 60 submissions to this year's art show. We could not have done it without the artists of all ages that donated their beautiful pieces. Thank you to the following people for contributing their work:

Lilianne Rice
Denise Dowdall
Carson Thomas
Frances Mann
Miriam Hohl
Wyatt Wheetley
Lily Herlihy
Jonah Hohl
Sarah Curtis
Andrew Curtis
Ian Curtis
Elizabeth Curtis
George Ventura
Sylvia L van Royen
Anna Oneglia
Louise Bacon-Ogden
Serena Mann
Stacy Becker
Trey Willner
Amelia Anderson
Kathryn Cook
Josey Paula
Jordan Willburn
Nathaniel Lyons
Baylen McGee
Makani Buck-Zulim
Jasper Shafer
Jasper McGee
Danica Ellen
Jayden English
Sammy Stafslien
Isaiah Herbst
Aurelia Criss
Alona Sykes
Phaedra Steadman
Livity Salus
Pat Kanzler
 Vannia Pena
 Raquel Pena
Anne Maher
Erika Granadino
Taylor Macias
Alyssa Boscacci
Alanna Ballor
Tania Fonseca
Alyssa Boscacci
Tania Fonseca
Cecily M. Chavira
Lucas Arnese
Taylor Macias
Kathleen Aguilar
Elizabeth Gorden

HAEA Club Students
Estee Trevizo
Ken Wong


"Keen Senses" By Denise Dowdall




A Letter to Your Representatives

The following letter was included, among others written by artists, to several representatives including Kamala Harris, Secretary of the Interior Ryan Zinke, and President Trump.


To Whom It May Concern,

On September 16 and 17, 2017 the Northcoast Environmental Center hosted its first annual Endangered Art Show in support of the Endangered Species Act. This display was a collaboration of over 60 pieces, each representing endangered species. All were donated by local artists of all ages, and was publically displayed at the North Country Fair in Arcata, California. To many of these artists the species they sketched, painted, and crafted meant something special to them; several enclosed letters with their pieces that have also been included.

The purpose of the Endangered Art Show is to reflect the indispensable nature of the Endangered Species Act. This piece of legislation is the means to which at-risk species can continue to survive on our planet; without it, many would be gone forever. It protects biodiversity, beauty, and life. The preservation of life in all forms is something that cannot be measured with dollars and cents, and can only be truly appreciated by viewing what is saved every day through this Act. The artists of this show have re-created these species so as to visually display what may otherwise be gone forever, and what has personally impacted their lives.

We implore all those that have been given the opportunity to represent our country and the people, animals, and life that lives within it to protect the creatures that need it most. Keeping the Endangered Species Act strong and alive is an essential component of this.

These pieces are permanently available on our website at The contributors, from the ages of 8 to 67, came from churches, college clubs, elementary schools, and their own lives as professional artists, to create the diverse group of people that are influenced by the Endangered Species Act. We hope that their words and images encourage you to view, pause, and think about the impact that all life has on our shared planet.