EcoNews Vol. 44, No. 4 - Aug/Sep 2014

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EcoNews Vol. 44, No. 4 - Aug/Sep 2014


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News From the Center

Shore Lines: Coastal Programs Update

Kin to the Earth • Ted Halstead

Eye on Washington


Creature Feature •  Can we save endangered Coho?

Kids Page • Wiggly Worms

The Backpage Fundo • Seeing Double




Solving California's Water Problems

"Obstinate" Wildlife Agency Leaves a Legacy of Killing

17th Annual Coho Confab: Implementing Recovery Strategies for Coho Salmon

Of Oysters, Seals and the Supreme Court

Chilean Government Rejects Massive Dam Project

Kicking Butt for a Cleaner Arcata


 From the web:

Will Obama Administration Inaction Lead to Another Klamath River Fish Kill?

55,000 People Call on California Attorney General to Investigate Poisoning Death of Scientist's Dog

‘There are fish missing the scales on their bellies and rolling on the bottom of the river’


News from NEC Member Groups:

Zero Waste Humboldt North Country Fair Leads the Way with Zero Waste

Humboldt Baykeeper Bay Explorations for 2014 Celebrate Swimmable California Waters

Friends of the Eel River 
Rights vs. Reason in Severe Drought Conditions


Mattole Restoration Council Restoration More Complex than Rocket Science

Sierra Club-North Group, Redwood Chapter Livestock Grazing Continues to Degrade Wilderness Areas • Events

California Native Plant Society, North Coast Chapter
• Field Trips & Plant Walks • Is your Garden Pollinator Friendly?

Redwood Region Audubon Society Sandpiper (4.6MB pdf)